Saturday, January 25, 2003

Can we have a free society and respect the environment? After all if my factory is running fine and I'm making a profit and employ a hundred people, who are you to come in and tell me what to do? Well, you cleared and filled in 25 acres of wetland to build your factory, the water you use comes out of the local aquifer ( that recharges 20 times slower then you use it ), the pollution you emit is a contributing factor to high rates of lung and breast cancer, the liquid waste you produce is stored in cans that are leaking into the ground water which my family drinks, and into the river where my family likes to fish.....ok I'll stop.
We might want the products the factory makes and the people that work in the factory need those jobs to provide for themselves.
So we're screwed, a choice between jobs or environmental carnage. Maybe not, environmentally sustainable enterprises and industries and stop listening to those anti-environmental wackos ( many call them conservatives ).

The "Morality Gap" is not the newest spin-off of the jeans retailer. It has certainly played a major role in politics in the last 30 years.

I wonder if Instapundit and his linked warbloggers like the taste of crow? They tried to blame the North Korea crisis, their missing socks, and speed demon soccer moms on Bill Clinton. Here's more proof that the Bush/Cheney gang not only dropped the ball on North Korea, but have been down right negligent. via TPM

Friday, January 24, 2003

Why does economist Paul Krugman keep calling Dubya a liar? My favorite line from the story, "Whatever happened to the liberal media?

Paul Krugman thinks it's a myth. Doesn't exist. A figment of the conservative imagination."

Instapundit, Lileks, Sullivan, Limbaugh, Hannity, and Coulter have vivid imaginations or personality disorders. I report, you decide.

I've never been much of a generationists, i.e. baby boomers think this....gen-xers are like this...gen-y only cares about this or that. Sure there are trends, fashions, and better gadgets as the years go by, but beneath the fashion its all just the next generation of screw-ups who are sure they'll be the ones to get it all right.

Marissa Kamin looks at Gen-X and War.

From America's best Christian Betty Bowers,"'Pretending other people's gods (note: lower case g) are not ridiculous fabrications, may be politically correct, but as a True Christian, the only time you will hear me appear to invoke "Allah" is when I am ordering from a French menu – preceding the word "carte.' "

Thursday, January 23, 2003

For those that take free-speech and the web for granted, read how Dow Chemical shut down a parody web site.
Arianna Huffington once wrote that there must be a special place in hell for companies that value profits over safety and respect for people.

A new on-line exhibit by the Smithsonian called Eye Contact, definitely worth a look.

"Judge hints 9/11 a sign of anger from God"

not to mention the attack of the killer Darwinists: "Only 13 days [after the World Trade Center attacks] on Public Broadcasting Stations, a seven-part, eight-hour event of grave importance was also witnessed by millions of Americans.... Both events have much in common.... And while the public now understands from President Bush that `We're at War' with religious fanatics around the world, they don't have a clue that America is being attacked from within through its public schools by a militant religious movement called Darwinists.... [L]et this blatant video series speak for it. And let its support documents tell you of mind control beyond anything yet seen in public education. `Evolution' is PBS's assault that's coming to your children's classroom--not soon but now."--Ken Cumming, Institution for Creation Research (

Wednesday, January 22, 2003

Cho Myung Chul a defector from North Korea has said of a meeting he had with military brass "They said Iraq lost because it had been too defensive. `You've got to take the offensive,' they said. `Iraq didn't use all its weapons [presumably biological and chemical weapons]. If we're in a war, we'll use everything. And if there's a war, we should attack first, to take the initiative.'
Dubya may have to bite the bullet and deal with China to get North Korea to listen to reason. He could do that by tying future economic iniatives with China on China's ability to convince N. Korea to hand over its current nuclear weapons and agree to non-proliferation( with the return of inspectors). This is a slippery slope of course, to deal with one oppressive regime to corral another, but China has already started experimenting with limited free-enterprise and has much to lose by taking a step backward in its economic progress. Its a calculated risk, but worth considering. In the mean time the Bush team but want to turn some of that cowboy rhetoric to action. Right now North Korea isn't crazy enough to strike first or directly export terror, but that hasn't stopped them from exporting weapons and technology to Libya and Iran among others. Korea update. Korea and domestic terror.

If all else fails maybe Bush and Cheney can stay up all night writing "Kim Jong Il" over and over in red ink.

Tuesday, January 21, 2003

I joked with someone in a political chat room in October that Bush's answer to the devastating forest fires last summer was to just cut down all the trees then there wouldn't be any fires. Hey George it was just a joke. Never will understand the conservative disconnect between their supposed family values and the utter disregard they have for Americas natural resources. What is it they plan on leaving their families? a parking lot that used to be a country.

Occasionally an even a fuzzy mind like Christopher Hitchens writes something with a little clarity. Especially admirable is his nailing of some of the incredible hypocrisy evident in the international community when it comes to dealing with terrorism.
That said I have never been one to trust people that make radical swings across the political spectrum. He has gone from the extreme left to the extreme right. I realize that people live and learn, part of wisdom and humility is the rare human ability to change course when one has committed to ideas that don't hold up morally or ethically; yet both Hitchens and Andrew Sullivan
display certain hysteria in their convictions and a lack of nuance. It is almost as though they want desperately to belong to something, to be one of the boys. But also to be able to claim an absolute moral clarity, that so far in the history of humanity remains elusive. Perhaps this attracts readers, but that is small excuse for not policing their own excesses. Too frequently their reach exceeds their grasp.

Capitalism with a conscious? If Republicans started a national campaign 30 years ago with the stated intention of giving free-enterprise a bad name, they couldn't have done a better job. Ideas, innovation, progress are all great stuff, but only when guided by ethics.
Domini Social Investments

Monday, January 20, 2003

There is and probably always has been hypocrisy, lies, and distortions across the political spectrum. Yet the modern Right apparently no know bounds in their ends justifies the means attack, smear, and conceal political games. Matt "Drudge pressed the attack for the duration of the week and the chorus was soon joined by Right -wing Conservative writer Ann Coulter and a host of
other Starr supporters. Four days later, on June 9, Talk Books killed the book deal." of a writer named John Connolly who had
written a book of the hypocrisy and "conspiracy" behind the President Clinton investigations. Read more about this sorted mess here

Sunday, January 19, 2003

"The nation’s founders and populace viewed excessive concentrations of wealth as incompatible with the ideals of the new nation."
....full article here