Saturday, February 08, 2003

Should Ground-Zero be a home where the Buffalo roam?

Friday, February 07, 2003

Are hard-right Freepers a growing threat to a free society or have they just become more emboldened by the election of George Jr as president? SF Gate takes a quick look at the "freeping" of on-line pools.

While Orcinus writes "On the Internet, the largest single transmitter of right-wing extremism is, whose followers -- known as “Freepers” -- have engaged in some of the more outrageous acts of thuggery against their liberal targets."

Wednesday, February 05, 2003

Just a note of thanks to Christopher Hitchens for his....ah...moral clarity
From an article by Christopher Hitchens entitled Twisted v. Weird
" I say 'twisted' about the dislikably boyish Governor of Texas, because he has signed more than a hundred death warrants during his entirely undistinguished tenure, and because he was only criticised (and that faintly) for two of these capricious crowd-pleasing atrocities. In one case, a Canadian citizen was condemned to death without any notification to the Canadian Embassy, as is reciprocally mandated by both US and Canadian law. In another, a woman was executed despite good evidence that she had undergone a transforming redemption while on Death Row. Bush met the Canadian objections by saying that the man ought not to have committed a crime while in Texas (which would mean that as President he would not care about consular representation for Americans arraigned overseas). He countered the Christian conservative petition on behalf of Karla Faye Tucker by mimicking her last-minute entreaties ('Oh, please don't kill me') to a reporter for Rupert Murdoch's Weekly Standard. That does it for me, and I don't even believe - as Bush is supposed to - in Biblical repentance."

From the new issue of Doublethink, Hitchens talks about his support of Bush, even though he just wrote a nice kissy ass story about Democrat John Edwards for Vanity Fair ( for heavens sake..Vanity Fair?). Hitch states in the Doublethink interview he'd support President Bush in the next election. "I don't believe in [Edwards]," Hitchens tells Doublethink interviewer Tom Ivancie. "I mean, I told him I wouldn't vote for him. . . . Because I'd vote for Bush. The important thing is this: Is a candidate completely serious about prosecuting the war on theocratic terrorism to the fullest extent? Only Bush is." Hitchens also scoffed at the populism of the millionaire trial lawyer turned North Carolina senator: "Oh, that's all [bleep]. . . . Spare us the false populism."......
.......Hitch apparently makes frequent trips to the airport lounge, ascends a stool from where he can see the wind sock, and depending on which way it's blowing he regurgitates his polemic accordingly. How convenient to stand for everything and nothing.

Tuesday, February 04, 2003

Dear Mr. President,

I am writing to ask that you renounce and take all action necessary to terminate the new Defense Department "Total Information Awareness" program that would provide government officials with the ability to snoop into all aspects of our private lives without a search warrant or proof of criminal wrongdoing.

Recent media reports have said that the Pentagon's new Office of Information Awareness is building a system called "Total Information Awareness." This computer system would effectively provide government officials with immediate access to our personal information: all of our communications (phone calls, emails and web searches), financial records, purchases, prescriptions, school records, medical records and travel history. Under this program, our entire lives would be catalogued and available to government officials.

I find it disgraceful that there are government officials who think that they should treat all Americans as though they are suspects and therefore "fair game" for government snooping and spying. I believe that the principles enshrined in the Constitution and Bill of Rights sought to protect my privacy rights and I do not believe that bureaucrats in Washington should have the most intimate details of my life available on their computers to be pawed through at their whim.

I fully appreciate that the government may need to intrusively investigate specific individuals who may be planning to do us harm. Our current legal system provides the ability for such investigation to occur within judicial constraints. I also believe that rather than seeking to investigate some 270 million Americans, law enforcement officials should instead be focusing on the small number of people who are real suspects.

I hope that you will take immediate action to terminate the "Total Information Awareness" Program and look forward to receiving your response.


Click here to send this letter to the White House

Do you think it's in America's best interests to award Homeland defense contracts to corporations that use off-shore tax havens? Apparently
Bush and Congressional conservatives don't have a problem with it.

Monday, February 03, 2003

Thomas Jefferson ( the American Leonardo DaVinci ), file sharing, and intellectual property.

Sunday, February 02, 2003

What looks a lot like an Apple Power Book, but runs Windows XP? The vpr Matrix 200A5 with a spacious 15.2” widescreen display, plays DVDs, and a lightweight magnesium case.

"We accept that cannabis can be harmful and that its use should be discouraged. However, ... we do not believe there is anything to be gained by exaggerating its harmfulness. On the contrary, exaggeration undermines the credibility of the messages that we wish to send regarding more harmful drugs. We support, therefore, ... reclassify[ing] cannabis from Class B to Class C ... [so that] possession of cannabis would cease to be an 'arrestable offense.'"


Media's dubious interpretations of `just the facts'. You may have to register to read the the story. Found it at case you have to do a search.