Friday, February 28, 2003

OK, we're going to war. How should the assorted liberals, liberterians, isolationist conservatives and other trouble makers act? I' against whining in general, and see no reason to make an exception here. The non-right should focus it's energy on making sure the Dubya crowd lives up to the hype about rebuilding Iraq...via Tom Paine.

Other suggestions, in my humble opinion would be for the current administration to try and track down terrorists, give North Korea a little slap and tickle (so they know we're paying attention and stop throwing temper tantrums), and start'll be gone in 2004 for surpassing the Reagan and Harding administrations as the worst presidency in this great country's history.

Oh yea, between now and 2004 could we just get rid of the criminally inept clown in charge of the Justice Department.

Thursday, February 27, 2003

Bush must be reading the polls, as he is backing off a little (this week) of the "Axis of Evil" rhetoric and now trying to sell the war as a step toward democracy for the middle-east. This is an approach that can actually work with what have become known as "war liberals" who would like to see just that in the middle east. But no,...wait for the other shoe to drop...Bush saying one thing and doing another. he's selling out the Kurds in order to get co-operation from Turkey; from MyDD "So, who exactly is being liberated, now that Bush has signed off on Turkey's continued suppression of the Kurds?

I wouldn't say the Bush credibility gap is growing, as much as it's becoming standard operating procedure.