Saturday, April 24, 2004

You would think they'd learn. BushCo keeps trying to hide, distort, and generally act like sneaky little rug-rats from hell. It's just ends up biting them on their big fat lying asses.

Woman loses her job over coffins photo

The Deleted Text from WAPO

Q: [Was] that when Myers gave the briefing to Bandar in Cheney's office because I think you were there

Rumsfeld later requested that his language be cleaned up. These people have some screwy ideas when it comes to prorities, i.e. they're all out of whack. The current administration seems to represent all that is bad about american politics multiplied by 10.

"I think we're dealing with the most closed, imperialistic, nastiest administration in living memory. They even put Richard Nixon to shame."

General Wesley Clark

Remember Afghanistan? The place where Osama Bin Laden was hiding out. You know; the guy that was behind 9-11. The guy who runs the non-state related terror organization.
Well, it's not getting much attention due to the quiqmire in Iraq, but americans are still there, fighting and dieing.


Those who fought that day don't even try to explain how the baby survived; instead, they just call it the "miracle" at Miam Do.

They're both Republican and Christian, Republicans for Environmental Protection:

"We have a growing number of extremely religious men and women who are very dedicated to the Republican Party but who believe that government must help protect -- not destroy -- God's natural creation. Many of our members feel that the Bush administration's approach to environmental policy doesn't just damage the common good, it's immoral.”

Thursday, April 22, 2004

You know that you are in the presense of a zealot, when despite all evidence to the contrary things are not going the way they say they are. Some pyshchologists think that O.J. Simpson at this point has convinced himself that he didn't really kill Ron and Nicole. Bush has a bit of the OJ syndrome, he's in denial about morphing Saddam into 9-11 and the war on terror and the fact that he is responsible for getting over 600 americans killed and the terrorists just keep popping up like new heads on a hydra. Has Bush's War On Terror Made The World Safer?

Wednesday, April 21, 2004

My experience so far is cin-o-matic and it's raters ( is that a word?) get it right more often then not. With DVDs running $16 to $21, mistakes costs more then I can afford when adding to the personal film library. I'm in a strange place as far as likes and dislikes at this point, preferring either action-adventure ( The Transporter, Kill Bill ) or romantic comedy, go figure. Horror sucks, deep serious drama? ( I get enough from the NYT). cin-o-matic

Sunday, April 18, 2004

More on disenchanted moderate Republicans Leading Republican Blasts Bush Environmental Actions

Except for the idea that the U.K. and the U.S. must stick to the June 30 deadline, a good article about the disconnect that Blair shares with Bush. That the war in Iraq is the main offensive in the war on Islamic terrorism. This is so been proven a disaster and a kind of bait and switch con. Occupying Iraq has done nothing to curb terrorism or the growing number of terrorists. Bush's go it alone policies, as opposed to an internationisl appraoch to finding terrorists, neutralizing them, and getting at the root causes of Islamic terror has been pushed aside, with the focus or should we say obsession with Iraq. Guardian Unlimited | Special reports | Blair has lost his grip