Monday, November 01, 2004

2nd Site With U.N.-Sealed Arms Was Looted, Inspectors Report
Looters overran an Iraqi complex last year where a bunker holding old chemical weapons was sealed by United Nations monitors, American arms inspectors have reported.

The American inspectors say all of the sealed structures at the Muthanna site, 35 miles northwest of Baghdad, were broken into. But it is unknown if usable chemical warheads were in the bunker, what may have been taken and by whom.

"Clearly, there's a potential concern, but we're unable to estimate the relative level of it because we don't know the condition of the things inside the bunker," said Ewen Buchanan, spokesman for the United Nations arms inspection agency, whose specialists have been barred from Iraq since the invasion.

..........Bunker 2 at Muthanna State Establishment, once Iraq's central chemical weapons production site, was put under the control of the United Nations in early 1991 after it was damaged by an American bomb in the Persian Gulf war. At the time, Iraq said 2,500 sarin-filled artillery rockets had been stored there.

This is all good, because George is a Republican who has God whispering in his ear. If this was Bill Clinton they'd be screaming like whores sitting on ice. Since they are the party of whores whose only values as far as anyone can tell is their ability to lie endlessly and accuse the people that find out that lie as being shrill and unpatriotic.