Thursday, April 07, 2005

Let's say that you wanted to govern the United States of America in fascist-lite mode. You couldn't do so by being open and honest about your motives or goals. A new Civil War would be bloody, not to mention a drain on the pocketbook of those that think the accumulation of unearned wealth is a game where those that accumulate the most win. So, what do you do? You channel the spirits of Orwell's worse nightmare.

Bushspeak: Cracking the Code

While they consulted piles of dictionaries and other reference materials to draw the pain out of a global torture regime, their true definitional focus was on removing all fetters, all checks and balances, from George W. Bush's power as president. Since we were "at war," they did so, in large part, by highlighting the role of our "war President" as commander-in-chief; and then redefining what his "wartime" powers would be. Their definitional goal: To place presidential power (in the form of the powers of the commander-in-chief to prosecute war) in a kind of constitutional Guantánamo; that is, beyond the "sovereignty" of any other powers in the American political system, thus removing from Bush and his subordinates any responsibility for acts he may have ordered committed.